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UPDATE!! 2 / 23 / 04
PopoloCrois (2003) episode 6 has been subbed and torrented! Unfortunately, Rayeart seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth, and he took his BitTorrent tracker with him... so the torrent for this episode is most readily available here.

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Welcome to the Pakapuka Anime homepage. It's not especially fancy or anything, but it serves its purpose: to let you dedicated PopoloCrois fans know what's available out there on BitTorrent (or what's BEEN available, at any rate), and fill you in on what's coming next, and how much progress I've made on it.

I say "I" because, unlike other anime teams, I am a team of one. My name is Thomas Lipschultz, though I'm known online almost universally as Wyrdwad. I've been a huge fan of the PopoloCrois series ever since I had a fansub tape of episodes 1-4 of the original 1998 anime sent to me, back in the year 2000. I was a bit hesitant to accept the unusual art style at first, but something about the characters really charmed me, and when I found an eBay auction for the PlayStation game "PopoloCrois Monogatari II", I jumped at the chance to bid on it... and won. And when I got it, my obsession officially began, as anyone else from my house at college will gladly confirm. (:

Recently, I've become more and more saddened to find that the PopoloCrois series, ever-flourishing in Japan, is still virtually unknown in this country. And when I started watching the raw AVIs of the new 2003 anime series, I knew I had to do something about that... so I taught myself how to subtitle anime, and set about fansubbing PopoloCrois all by myself. (:

Though only a few episodes have been subbed so far, I fully intend to subtitle every single piece of animated PopoloCrois in existence, from the new anime series to Tamori Yousuke's little-known 1993 pilot episode. This will take time, of course... but rest assured, it's a labor of love, and if I have the time, I'll gladly spend it on this.

Anyway, that's the basic history behind Pakapuka Anime. But why, if I'm one person, have I chosen to call myself "Pakapuka Anime"? Well... keep watching the show. You'll eventually figure it out. (:

Most recent subs: 2/23/04 - 2003 TV series, episode 6.
Next sub planned: 2003 TV series, episode 7.

PopoloCrois anime episodes (episodes that have been or will soon be subtitled are linked to info pages):

PoPoLoCrois 1993 pilot

PopoloCrois Monogatari (1998-1999)
01 - Wind Girl
02 - Wind God, Thunder God
03 - The White Knight
04 - Magic Soup (A personal favorite!)
05 - Anemoritos
06 - Love Is GamiGami
07 - The Golden Key
08 - A Man's Romance
09 - Two Girls
10 - Comparing Wisdom
11 - A Single Bean
12 - Too Many Princes
(A personal favorite!)
13 - A Boy
14 - Shion's Tears
(A personal favorite!)
15 - Look Up at the Sky
16 - Flower Snowstorm
17 - Pleasure Garden at the Shore
(A personal favorite!)
18 - The Heart's Forest (A personal favorite!)
19 - Wind and Magic (A personal favorite!)
20 - Sweet Temptation
21 - Catastrophic Ceremony
22 - The Calling Voices of the Wind
23 - The Wind Tribe's Decision
24 - Fruit of the Tree of Parting
25 - A Little Radiance
DVD 1-koma omake: 01 02 03 04 05 06

PoPoLoCrois (2003-2004)
01 - Adventure in the Small Dragon Shrine
02 - Luna and the Golden Key
03 - Adventure in the Holy Precincts of Wind
04 - Adventure in Takinen Valley
05 - Adventure in the Holy Precincts of Fire
06 - GamiGami-Maou's Castle
(A personal favorite!)
07 - Marco's Adventure
08 - The Monster's Battle Tournament
(A personal favorite!)
09 - Adventure in the Holy Precincts of Water
10 - Another Adventure in the Small Dragon Shrine
(A personal favorite!)
11 - Adventure in the Holy Precincts of Darkness
12 - The Final Battle
13 - Adventure Inside Our Memories
(A personal favorite!)
14 - The Golden Key Adventure
15 - The Dakart Adventure
(A personal favorite!)
16 - The Great Ocean Trial
17 - Adventure in Marina Castle
(A personal favorite!)
18 - The Moon Drop Adventure (A personal favorite!)
19 - Adventure in the Ocean Emperess Circle
20 -
21 -
22 -
23 -
24 -
25 -

  At the moment, all PopoloCrois episodes are officially hosted by the following BitTorrent tracker:

Subtitled episodes are also available (for a limited time) via BitTorrent at the following sites:

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