PoPoLoCrois (2003)
Episode 3 - "Adventure in the Holy Precincts of Wind"

Current status: subtitled (ver2, TV source, high quality).
Torrent available as part of a pack with eps 4 and 5. Check here.
SSA subtitle files here, instructions for usage here.


* This is probably my worst translation of the bunch, but I still think I did a pretty good job overall. No real nitpicks.

Note that a ver2 has been created for this file, and is available as part of a pack with episodes 4 and 5.
The only real difference between ep 3 ver1 and ep 3 ver2 is that ver2 has all of its longer translation notes (mostly regarding the translation of the word "seiiki") in a scrolling text display during the opening credits instead of during the episode proper. The changes are minor.


Not a great episode at all. Definitely my least favorite of the ones I've subbed. But very crucial for advancing the story, and a whole heckuva lot better than its in-game equivalent. (:

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