How to apply SSA subtitle files to a raw AVI

Where to get the right programs for the job? Well, you can actually find most of them right here. The programs you'll need are VirtualDub (available in the download section, under "AVI editing tools"), VobSub, and the VirtualDub subtitle plugin (available in the download section, under "Subtitles"). Optionally, if you want to edit the subtitles, or fansub your own anime episodes, I very highly recommend "Subtitle Workshop," which is what I used to produce my magnificent results. You can find it in the files section under "Subtitles" by clicking the link marked "Show all subtitle tools."

Also, FYI, if you're looking to get the original raw AVIs of the new PopoloCrois anime (any of which could potentially be my next subtitle project -- after all, I started with episode 13!), you can find them at Saiyaman's BitTorrent site. (:

Anyway, here's how to apply the subtitles:

(1) Install VirtualDub, and install the VirtualDub subtitler plugin (note that you'll have to read the included readme file to do this!). Also install VobSub and the TextSub plugin for VirtualDub. Make sure it's in the plugins directory!

(2) Fire up VirtualDub. Load the raw AVI you plan to apply subtitles to.

(3) Under the "Video" menu at the top of the screen, choose "Filters." Click on "Add", and select "subtitler" from the big list that pops up. The "subtitler" option is really easy to find on the list, because it should be the only one that doesn't say "[internal]" next to it (it instead says its author's name, "Avery Lee").

(4) Click the "..." browse button on the next window that pops up, and select one of the SSA files that begins with "Popolo" for the episode you're applying subtitles to. Do this for all of the SSA files that begin with "Popolo".

(5) Now do the same thing, only click on "TextSub" instead of "subtitler", and select one of the SSA files that DOESN'T begin with "Popolo". Do this for every remaining SSA file.

(6) You're now ready to save a new AVI, subtitles and all... unfortunately, VirtualDub's defaults suck, so you need to change a few options first. (:

(7) Click on the "video" menu, and choose "compression." A list of every video codec you have will be presented to you. Choose whichever one meets with your fancy (just make sure you DON'T choose "uncompressed RGB"!), and click OK.

(8) Now, just click on "file" and select "Save as AVI", and bam... an hour or so later, you've got yourself a subtitled PopoloCrois episode! (:

Yeah, it's pretty complicated... alternately, you can just contact me via Instant Messenger (if I'm on), and I can send the already-subbed AVI to you. (: My IM name is "Wyrdwad Returns".

Anyway, however you go about getting your subtitled PopoloCrois episode... I hope you enjoy it!! (:

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