PoPoLoCrois (2003)
Episode 4 - "Adventure in Takinen Valley"

Current status: subtitled (ver2, TV source, high quality).
Torrent available in a pack with eps 3 and 5.
Get it right here!!
SSA subtitle files here, instructions for usage here.


* This one was REALLY tough to translate, but it's a fantastic episode, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. No real nitpicks.

Note that "ver2" was recently released as part of a pack, along with ver2 of episodes 3 and 5. The only real difference between ep 4 ver1 and ep 4 ver2 is that ver2 has all of its longer translation notes (regarding Leona, the White Knight, etc.) in a scrolling text display during the opening credits instead of during the episode proper.


As I said, fantastic episode. Marco isn't my favorite character, but I really like the character development in this one -- especially the rather emotion-packed scene between Pinon and Luna near the end. It has a certain sad childish innocence to it that really gets me. (: GREAT episode.

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