PoPoLoCrois (2003)
Episode 6 - "GamiGami-Maou's Castle"

Current status: subtitled (ver1, TV source, high quality).
Torrent widely available.
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* The video quality really craps out in this episode, due to the excessively large amount of movement. Otherwise, however... I have no nitpicks at all. (:


This is one of my favorite episodes, as it really reminds me a lot of the original series from 1998 -- very little plot advancement, but a BUTT-TON of character development. (: GamiGami-Maou couldn't have received better treatment in this particular series, and it's all thanks to this episode. If you were ever a fan of GamiGami-Maou before, this episode will become one of your favorites, too. (:

In terms of subtitling, I decided to try a few "fancy" things with this episode, like doing my OWN karaoke subtitles for GamiGami's lullabye, or giving the three guard robots their own "roboticized" font. (: I think it turned out pretty well overall, and I hope you'll agree!! (:

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