PoPoLoCrois (2003)
Episode 1 - "Adventure in the Small Dragon Shrine"

Current status: subtitled (ver3, TV source, high quality).
Torrent available in a pack with ep 2. Get it right here!!
SSA subtitle files here, instructions for usage here.


* Well, despite trying to be ultra-professional and such, I STILL encoded the dang thing with two different "watch TV in a well-lit room" warnings, one of which is timed improperly. GAAACK!!

* Also, the karaoke subtitles are a wee bit off in the intro song, though they still look pretty sweet. (:

Other than that, nothing, really... I fixed up the one typo and the section that needed italics, and the video quality is super-high now -- very noticeably different. Plus, ya' can't beat karaoke subtitles, now, can you. (:

Note that a ver3 exists for this episode as well, and is available in a pack with episode 2. The most striking difference between ver2 and ver3 is that ver3 actually has slightly LOWER video quality. It has been re-encoded with an 1197 kbps bitrate so as to keep the filesize under 233 meg. This way, 2 other episodes can fit on CD with it, instead of just 1. Also, one line near the beginning has been "tweaked" to make its meaning slightly clearer (very minor, and I doubt anyone questioned it), the extraneous "watch TV in a well-lit room" warning has been removed, and the big chunks of continuity notes seen throughout the episode have all been moved to the opening or ending credits, so as not to distract from the show.


I'm overall rather proud of my translation in this episode, and I think it may even flow more smoothly than episode 13. It wasn't too tough to translate or subtitle, either. Overall, not a very difficult episode to work with, and a pretty decent start to the series.

Special thanks to Celes Aurivern for her help in translating "Nama Pietoro" into "Pietoro in the flesh"... I was having the hardest time figuring out how to translate that, since a direct translation of "raw Pietoro" would just be silly. (:

Also, big thanks to Daniel Widegren for providing higher-quality raws, and SaiyaMan for helping me out with the karaoke subtitles. (:

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