PoPoLoCrois (2003)
Episode 2 - "Luna and the Golden Key"

Current status: subtitled (ver3, TV source, high quality).
Torrent available as part of a pack with ep 1. Get it right here!!
SSA subtitle files here, instructions for usage here.


* Rerelease went well... no real nitpicks to speak of, except that the raging wind at the end of the episode STILL messes with the video a little, despite the 1280 bitrate... but, that's DivX for ya'. (: I added one extra translation note (regarding Punpun's manner of speaking), and turned the long bit of info on GamiGami-maou into a scrolling note, a la the Golden Key info presented in the episode 1 rerelease. Also, once again, karaoke subtitles abound, and I think I did a better job of matching up the subtitles and the dialogue here than I did in episode 1. (:

* This translation was a monster, and I don't think it flows as well or sounds as natural as episodes 1 or 13. I'm just glad it's finished, though!! (:

Note that a ver3 has been released for this episode, as part of a pack with episode 1. There are numerous differences between ver2 and ver3, the most striking of which is that ver3 actually has a slightly LOWER video quality: it was re-encoded at an 1197 bitrate so that the filesize would be under 233 meg, allowing it to fit on a CD with 2 other episodes instead of just 1. However, there are other changes as well: longer sets of translation notes, such as information on GamiGami-Maou, have been moved to the opening credits and expanded upon. Possible translations for the Japanese word "gamigami" have been given (note that these are also given in episode 6), and possible translations for the word "punpun" have been expanded upon to include "enraged."


Considering what a rocky course this was, I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I swear, if I had to type "PAPUUUU!!" one more time, I would've started hurting people. (: There were also a couple Kogoto and Punpun lines that gave me serious trouble, but thanks to the translation assistance of a certain Kobayashi Noriko, I got them. Overall, this is NOT one of my favorite episodes by ANY means -- though it does introduce Kogoto and Punpun, and does a nice job of it too, so I guess I can't complain too much. (:

I'd once again like to thank Daniel Widegren and SaiyaMan for their tremendous assistance. This episode wouldn't look nearly as professional and impressive if it weren't for them. (:

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