From "Venus & Braves", taken from the "Seven & Venus" bonus disc in the Venus & Braves limited edition game box set:

Waltz for Ariah (short version)
The opening credits theme. An absolutely beautiful, heart-wrenching song that leaves me salivating for the LONG version. (: This song alone would be enough to convince me to buy the OST, but the other four on the Seven & Venus disc do a rather nice job of it too. (:

The Battle
The battle theme. Duh. (: Definitely one of the best battle themes I've heard in a long time, and somewhat reminiscent of Lunar 2's, but dare I say, better. Booming, orchestral, adrenaline-pumping goodness, guaranteed to make you want to kick the crap out of your foes. It's a shame the battle system in the game isn't a bit more interactive, as a song of this calibre seems almost wasted on it. (:

That's all I can give you at the moment, but I do hope that these samples effectively whet your whistle for the OST release. When is that, anyway? (: