Ye Olde Forgotten Kings Art Gallery


Contributions by Lawrence Wong:

"Watson and the Insane Clown Moriarty"

"Mikron the Alien"

"Carma and Callisto"


Jailie, by Lawrence Wong

Contributions by Annika 'Freyah' Nilsen:


"Sulin and Carma"


Contributions by Thomas Lipschultz:



Tree and rock logo by Thomas Lipschultz, with character sprites by Nathan Rosen and Falthorn.
Sword logo by EagleMaina.
Snake and poem logo by Thomas Lipschultz.
QuestChester logo by Thomas Lipschultz.
Brick wall logo by Jim Albert.


Shagwood map by Thomas Lipschultz, using VERGE MapEd 2. Please click to view. Spoilers contained within -- consider yourself duly warned!