Samples ripped from
(2002 Vanpool/Enterbrain, Japan only, no OST available)
Bard Commune, vs. The Woodstockers

The Woodstockers' team logo is an electric guitar, so it shouldn't be surprising that this song uses one. Very understated, beginning with a light techno motif reminiscent of SNES-era music, later joined by rough electric guitar and, finally, acoustic guitar. Catchy, yet simple. A great example of what Coloball 2002's soundtrack would have to offer, if it existed.

Ogre Level
They're ogres. They're big, strong, stinky, and evil. And that's exactly the atmosphere this song has (except for the stinky part). Utilizing more SNES-style synth to create a repeating techno-esque backdrop, this song is then joined by heavy percussion and an old-school "chorus". It sounds so deliciously eeeeeevil!! Set to loop twice, then fade out. One of the first songs I heard that made me realize how good this game's music was.

And now for something completely different. This song is definitely an acquired taste, and isn't especially liked by most of the people who have heard it... but I love it. Slightly atonal, slightly chaotic, with instruments that are very obviously old-school synth, but somehow also very catchy and charming. A fitting theme for a team of elves, considering that Coloball's elves are all, inexplicably, monkeys. Try it out for size -- you might like it.

Team Maintenance
The song you'll be hearing most often in Coloball -- and yet, it never gets repetitive. 100% old-school techno fanfare, sounds like a slightly re-synthed song from the 8-bit era. Fans of old-school game music are guaranteed to love this one, and anyone who's played the game will IMMEDIATELY recognize it.

Sample ripped from
(2001 RenderWare/Kadokawa Shoten, Japan only, not present on OST)
"Flapper" (opening theme)

Abarenbou Princess's hard-rock opening theme. Absolutely friggin' awesome. Head-banging guitar riffs, angry (yet terribly cute) female vocals, a catchy beat, and just in general a wonderful song all-around. Too bad it's only 53 seconds long. You'd think there'd be a full-length version of this song somewhere, but I have yet to find any indication that such a thing exists. You'd also think that a song of THIS calibre would show up on one of the game's TWO SOUNDTRACKS, but for some reason, it's absent from both. Very bizarre.